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The Benefits Of Taking Your Dog To Swimming Classes

When you think of swimming classes, you typically picture classes for children and perhaps adult humans. But there are swimming classes for dogs, too! Often, you will see these classes being offered at local dog training facilities. Should you enroll your dog in a swimming program? Here are some key benefits of doing so.

Provides exercise without impact.

Yes, dogs can get exercise by running and walking, but both of these forms of exercise have quite an impact on the joints. They may be harder for dogs with arthritis and joint pain, and for those with old injuries. Swimming gets dogs moving their whole bodies, but without so much concussion on the joints. For this reason, dogs can often exercise harder and longer in the pool, which leads to improved fitness.

Improves joint mobility.

Dogs with stiff joints due to arthritis and other ailments often need to move around and loosen their joints, but this can be painful on hard ground. Swimming gets them moving and bending their joints, which thereby increases circulation to the joints. The increased circulation, in turn, helps reduce inflammation, which improves joint mobility and comfort in the longer term.

Relieves stress.

Dogs need exercise for mental health reasons, too. Active dogs tend to be calmer, easier to train, and happier at home. When you take your dog to a swimming lesson, they get plenty of exercise to put them in a good mental state. They generally get to see and interact with other dogs, too, which is also beneficial for their mental health. Playing in the water with other dogs before or after the actual swimming class is something many dogs enjoy.

Better sleep.

Just like humans, dogs get better sleep when they've had exercise. Swimming is full-body, demanding exercise, and as such, it will really help your dog relax and get good sleep. Dogs who get adequate sleep are less prone to disease and infection as they age. They also tend to behave better. If your dog seems anxious, on-edge, and not quite like themselves, it could be due to a lack of sleep. Swimming can help.

Look for a dog swimming class near you, and enroll your pup. Even if they are not a super talented swimmer, taking a swimming class can help get their body moving and loosen their joints in a low-impact way, and that can lead to many other benefits. For more information on dog swimming training, contact a company near you.