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Tips For Being Successful In Professional Puppy Training Classes

Getting a new puppy is exciting, but there are also several challenges that your come along with raising your new furry friend. From teaching your dog basic commands to training your dog to not jump on people who enter your home or bark at strangers, there are several come along with training your puppy. Enrolling your puppy in an obedience class is a great way for your puppy to learn basic commands and for you to learn how to be a better pet parent. Here are a few ways you can be successful in your puppy training classes.

Come Prepare for Your Classes

Prior to your first class, make sure you and your puppy are both prepared. Start by feeding your puppy, exercising your puppy, and making sure they use the bathroom. It is especially important to get your puppy's energy out before the class. This will ensure they are not as excitable and more able to pay attention and learn.

Also pack some small training treats, a pouch for the treats, your puppy's vaccination records, a harness or collar, a leash, water bowl, and anything else that is required by the facility.

Ask Lots of Questions

Whether this is your first puppy, or you are attending a new class with a trainer that utilizes different training techniques than you are accustomed to, it is vital to speak up and ask questions during the lesson. For example, if you are confused by a command or want some more clarification about a training technique, speak up and ask.

Grab a pen and paper before class to jot down notes that you can utilize later when you are working with your puppy at home.

Do Your Puppy Training Homework

Finally, one of the most important aspects of being successful in puppy training school is doing your homework. Your instructor will provide you with techniques and tips to train your puppy. However, it is up to you to take these lessons and apply them in a real-world environment.

Take a few minutes each day to practice your training techniques. Just like before your classes, make sure your puppy has played or gone for a walk and is calm and receptive enough to listen and obey commands. With continued practice and following your instructor's recommendations, your puppy will be well trained in no time.

With proper preparation and doing your homework, it is very possible to be successful in your puppy's training classes. For more information on puppy training, contact a trainer.