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A Well-Trained Pet Is a Well-Loved Pet Do you love your pet? Of course you do! And as a loving pet owner, one of the best things you can do for your furry companion is make sure they are well-trained. This will allow the two of you to get along more easily, and it will also make it easier for your pet to stay with and interact with others. Each type of pet demands somewhat different training. For instance, while you can train cats, the process is quite different from that of training a dog. On this website, we have compiled articles all about pet training without a focus on any one pet. So whether you're a dog person or cat person, you'll feel welcome.



Go Beyond One On One: Why Choose Group Dog Training Instead

If it's time to enroll your dog in training sessions, you might think that one-on-one training is the best. However, that might not be the case. In fact, you might find that group training is the best approach to take with your dog. Before you sign up for one-on-one training sessions, read the list provided below. You'll find four great reasons to sign up for group dog training sessions. 

Give Your Dog a Social Activity

If you're ready to train your dog, start by acclimating them to a social setting. This is especially important if you plan to frequent dog parks and other outdoor settings. Individualized training may teach your dog the basic commands they need to be well-behaved. However, they don't always give you the tools you need to ensure that your dog is well-behaved in social settings. Not only that, but your dog may benefit from spending quality time with other dogs during their training. 

Identify Additional Behavior Issues

Now that you're ready to train your dog, you may have specific issues that you want to address. For instance, your dog may have a problem with barking or with digging. However, they may have other issues that you haven't considered. One of the benefits of enrolling in group dog training is that you're surrounded by other pet owners who are also dealing with behavioral issues. When you enroll your dog in group training, you'll be able to address those additional behavior issues as you identify them. 

Get Your Dog Used to Distractions

If you've decided to enroll your dog in one-on-one training, you might want to think about distractions. When your dog is trained in a one-on-one setting, they'll receive individualized attention. However, they might not have those same surroundings while you're trying to practice at home. Unfortunately, that can cause delays in the training, especially when you can't eliminate the distractions. When you sign your dog up for group training, they'll learn to deal with distractions. 

Spend Time Training Your Own Dog

If you want to make sure that your dog will respond to you once training is complete, now's the time to enroll in a group session. One of the great things about group training is that you and your dog will work together. During each session, the trainer will walk you through the steps, which means your dog will learn to respond to your commands.

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